What is my focus now I’m debt free?

What is my focus now I'm debt free? Blog post by Cottage RetreatistSo – you might have noticed in my last post that I have been happy dancing now my debts have reached the zero mark! The question is now – what should our focus be? How can we make use of all the skills we gained while debt busting?

Well – for the keen-eyed of you who read my blog – you might have spotted that we have a new progress bar up on the right-hand sidebar with a target of £10,000.  🙂 We are hoping to save this amount by December 2015.

However we are also getting a bit restless living in the big city so a part of me thinks some of the money we’re saving might go towards moving somewhere better for us – somewhere with a garden! Space to park our car, more room for the kitties (especially their own staircase as they love playing on our communal stairs) and another bedroom so family and friends can come and visit without someone ending up on the floor/sofa!

This could mean some big changes for us coming up in the next few months and I will keep you updated on these changes on this blog, as well as keeping up our frugal living posts and also recipes! I hope I can focus more on the things I love and demonstrate them via this blog – my homesteading and minor prepping skills learning as well as my healthy clean living drive I’m currently on!

It is so great being able to think so much more freely now without the weight of debt on us – but this doesn’t mean we can rush into something and make a mistake! That’s how we fell into our debt spiral in the first place!

Slow and steady wins the race!

This post is part of BrokeGirlRich and Disease called Debt’s financially savvy Saturdays #93 – follow on twitter using #FinSavSat! 🙂


Image: Copyright Natalya/Cottage Retreatist, 2015

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14 thoughts on “What is my focus now I’m debt free?

    • cottageretreatist says:

      Hi Hayley!

      Ah! I know – all the money I’ll be saving I don’t have to give to any mean DCAs!!! 🙂

      Fingers crossed we’ll beat our savings goals! We already put 50-60% of wages to debt so hoping we can replicate with savings!

      Natalya x


    • cottageretreatist says:

      Thank you! Yup! We’ve always had a bit of a 5-year plan to start saving once debt free – but it still feels a bit surreal that now we can! Can’t wait for that first debt-free paycheck!

      Thanks for popping in, Natalya x


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