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Review: FiverFeeds

Review of FiverFeeds cheap recipe site - Cottage RetreatistThis is a new feature on this blog but I thought I would review the frugal recipe website Fiverfeeds today – a website hosting recipes that feed four people for under a fiver. I’ll review two things: how it works and how good it is as a moneysaving site.

I found out about the site through Twitter when they asked if I would submit a recipe for the site – I have done! Please do pop over to read my recipe for a scrummy vegetarian (and freeze-able) spinach and ricotta cannelloni which can be made for only 75p per portion for 4 people 🙂

How it works

The format of the site is straightforward – it must be possible for all recipes to be made for less than £5.00. The recipes are categorised and colour-coded as:

  • meat
  • fish
  • vegetable
  • pasta
  • dessert

Within the indexes you can find details of the the recipe difficulty (easy, medium, hard etc), the number of servings, and the cost per head for each recipe. Once you click on the recipe they also provide details of the cooking/prep time (very useful for a mid-week supper!).

The recipes provide a cost per serving but don’t break down the cost per ingredient – this is OK I suppose – especially as costs fluctuate anyway, but for someone on a super tight budget counting every single penny it can be useful to see where the money is spent.

For me the most useful thing is that all recipes use ingredients that you wouldn’t have trouble finding in the local supermarket or that you would only buy once and never use again – which is handy – I hate buying items for a single recipe and then them going off in the back of my cupboards! It’s not very moneysaving either!!

Will it save me money?

The site is relatively new and is still building up their content. However, there are some great recipes that look genuinely tasty – they have a good number of followers on Facebook and Twitter and you can sign up to receive updates when new recipes become available. I can’t wait to see them build up their recipe bank.

However I do hope they will categorise their recipes slightly differently in the future and maybe split the desserts section into two different sections such as ‘desserts’ and ‘snacks’ and I wonder if they have considered trying to add some gluten free recipes to appeal to a wider audience – I know those with allergies can find it especially tricky to cook on a budget.

I’m sure they’ve thought of all these things already but hope they don’t mind me raising them!

All in all – a great website! I look forward to seeing more recipes on there – I know my cheap meal repertoire can get a bit stale sometimes so inspiration is always handy!

Have you heard of this site before? What are your thoughts on it and will you be using it?

Please note – this is not a sponsored post of any kind, I just thought it would be interesting to raise awareness of the different frugal sites out on the internet, I also received no payment of any kind for providing my recipe to the site.

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