I am debt free!

I am debt free! As of today - for the first time since I started university in September 2004 - I have no debt! I owe nothing to nobody! I am my own person! And I am riding the wave of self-satisfaction!!! Join me doing the happy debt free dance! In fact we're not 100% … Continue reading I am debt free!

Jamorama Part 1 – The Basics

It's official! I love making jam - there is something so cathartic about it - watching the processes that go into it. It can take a while to do but the results are well worth it! I started making jam in 2010 and haven't looked back since 🙂

A Liebster award goes to…

Me?! I got a nomination for the Liebster award from the lovely Chickywiggle who blogs over at Chickywiggle's Blogspot.  Wow! Thank you Chickywiggle!! 🙂 Now as I believe it - the nomination is for small blogs (less than 200 followers) and new bloggers to share some favourite reads with others and show them your appreciation for their words. … Continue reading A Liebster award goes to…

The Tiny House movement – is it possible in the UK?

I have been chain-watching a certain programme on YouTube recently (we don't watch terrestrial TV any more!!)  - it is called Tiny House Nation and the premise is basically people building tiny houses! The show is based in America and most people in the show build their tiny houses on trailers! These houses are usually built of wooden construction and really are tiny! Roughly … Continue reading The Tiny House movement – is it possible in the UK?